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Shomer Shekalim – Objective Pension Consulting

My job is to make sense of the Israeli Pension and Insurance system and assist Israelis in using that information to take control of their finances.

I assist my clients in:

  • Choosing the right pension for them and making sure the money is invested wisely and in accordance with my clients’ needs
  • Reviewing the insurance in the pension, purchasing supplemental insurance and getting rid of unnecessary insurance
  • Minimizing fees, saving many clients hundreds of thousands of shekels over the life of their pensions

The advice I offer is objective.  I do not work for the insurance companies; I work for my clients and ensure that their interest remains my only priority.  For a list of services I offer click here.

If you have any questions or would like to meet about any of the topics below please feel free to contact me at jonnydegani@gmail.com or call me at 052-790-6824.

Pensions: Keren Pensia, Kupat Gemel, Bituach Menahelim
Keren Hishtalmut / Kupat Gemel
Other Insurance


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