Shomer Shekalim

Welcome to Shomer Shekalim

Shomer Shekalim – Objective Pension Consulting

My job is to make sense of the Israeli Pension and Insurance system and assist Israelis in using that information to take control of their finances.

I assist my clients in:

  • Choosing the right pension for them and making sure the money is invested wisely and in accordance with my clients’ needs
  • Reviewing the insurance in the pension, purchasing supplemental insurance and getting rid of unnecessary insurance
  • Minimizing fees, saving many clients hundreds of thousands of shekels over the life of their pensions

The advice I offer is objective.  I do not work for the insurance companies; I work for my clients and ensure that their interest remains my only priority.  For a list of services I offer click here.

If you have any questions or would like to meet about any of the topics below please feel free to contact me at or call me at 052-790-6824.

Pensions: Keren Pensia, Kupat Gemel, Bituach Menahelim
Keren Hishtalmut / Kupat Gemel
Other Insurance