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Usually people talk about how you can save money by buying in bulk, which, over time will average out to a significant savings.  But there are some things that you can get that will allow you to live with less, and in a comfortable manner.

#1 – A small vase:  I am a strong believer in buying my wife beautiful flowers every Shabbas.  My wife is a wonderful Jewish wife and deserves a sign of affection and appreciation as the house is readied for Shabbas.  On the other hand, such a luxury could wreak havoc on a fixed budget.  My solution was simple.  I bought a small thin vase.  This allows me to fill up a vaseful of nice flowers for my wife for only ₪ 20 – ₪ 30.  This small investment (the vase was only ₪ 30) lets me maintain an important part of my lifestyle for a fraction of the price.

#2 – A hand-blender:  This little tool (usually around ₪ 50) allows you to make a lot of the food you buy, but for a fraction of the price.  My wife uses chic peas and a jar of techina (in powder form) to make chummus at about half of the price they ask in the store.  She also makes olive spread and cream cheese, both for nearly half the amount they cost in the store.  Homemade food is much healthier as it lacks the most fattening part, preservatives.

If you have any other idea for small investments that can pay off nicely, please leave a response below

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