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a guide to jobsearching in Israel – part 3 – heating up the job search and the interview

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So, you’re balancing he cold and warm job search and working on your skills at the same time.  Now it’s time to turn up the heat.

Imagine you see a job posted online (let’s say through Janglo or LinkedIn).  If you want that job, you’re going to have to get to know the person offering the job much more personally.  Try to see if you know anyone in common.  LinkedIn is a great tool to find the degrees of separation between you and someone else, and it can give you a map for how to climb through the mess.  Forget about e-mailing your way through – call.  The phone is much more personal.  Ask each person for the number of the next person on the chain and get to the main person.  Find some common ground, be conversational, but get to the point.

Hopefully, one of these trails will get you headed toward some type of interview.  I will not go into too many details about how to interview, because it is really a matter of common sense.  There is no one way to interview, and more than likely, your ability to go through an interview is about the same as it is any conversation with a stranger; for example, ask some questions to show the other person you’re interested, maintain eye contact, be polite etc.  Some people who interview you are great and some are nuts, don’t take it too personally.

One thing though – Many Israeli companies use HR tests, psychologists, and lots of other tests to see if you match as a worker.  Don’t be shocked if you show up to some crazy test for 3 hours and then a 30 second interview.

Just remember to be calm, or if you’re like me and you can’t, find a way, hide your nervousness (drink some water, write stuff down so you don’t move your hands too much etc).

When you’re asked a question about yourself, sometimes there is only one correct answer.  For example, when I was interviewed for my current bookkeeping job, I was asked if I am an organized person, or more laid back.  Now keep in mind – this is a financial job – they want a very organized person.  So even if I were not (although I am) of course I would have to answer that I am organized.

Finally, try to have a bit of a sense of humor – it will make up for your nervousness.  When I was interviewed and asked what are my greatest three flaws are (typical HR question) I said “I am 25, unemployed, and balding,” before answering the question seriously.  Their laughing at my joke helped me calm down.

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