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7 Israeli job search sites

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Happy choref!  If you’re a job hunter, this is your time.

Last year I spoke at length about finding a job in Israel in the posts below:

Part 1:  Cold and Warm Job Searches

Part 2:  Sharpening Skills & Expanding Horizons

Part 3:  Heating Up the Job Search & The Interview

In the first post listed above, I discussed the cold and warm approaches to a job.  In summary, the cold search entails applying for jobs en masse, with no cover letter (or just one standard one).  You will typically respond to about 2,000 of ads every week, knowing that hundreds of these jobs are either not available or that many are for the same jobs.

In contrast, the warm job search, is the one where you decide what you want to do, where you want to work, and then network yourself into a job.  I hope to discuss more on this topic in some of my upcoming posts.

In this post, I’d like to discuss the different websites available for your cold job search:

1) Job City (  This past year Walla jobs and yad 2 joined forces (are they the same company?) to bring a first class job search site to Israel.  It’s a lot of stuff to fill out, but the site does a good job ranking how well each job matches your profile.  The site is a bit heavy on the browser, but it has a lot of quality jobs and, in my opinion, should be part of your job search

Language: Hebrew

Cost: free

User friendly: site is easy to use, but takes too much time to load between pages

Overall rating: 6

2) Job Master (  Probably the easiest to use, most popular site for finding a job in Israel.  Most of the jobs I see posted seem to be for headhunters, but I guess that is common for many sites.

Language: Hebrew

Cost: free

User friendly: very

Overall rating: 8

3) Israemploy (  The little yahoo group that could, Israemploy evolved from a long e-mail list to a fully searchable site.  The site costs ₪ 30 a month with discounts for buying subscriptions for longer time periods.  If you’re an Anglo who cannot speak Hebrew and use this site as your basic job search site, it is well worth it.  If you are looking for a job where you will work in Hebrew, you may want to use one of the other sites as well.

Language: English

Cost: ₪ 30 for one month, ₪ 70 for 3, ₪ 120 for 6 and ₪ 180 for a year

User friendly: more than any other site on this list

Overall rating: 8

4) Jobnet (  The AACI’s jobsearch website is a place where you’ll find a plethora of jobs.  Unlike Israemploy, businesses have to pay money to post on jobnet, so you’re not going to find many smaller businesses positing jobs on this site the way you’ll find on more American sites.

Language: Hebrew.  Yes I know it says it is in English, but the overwhelming majority of the job descriptions are in Hebrew, so if you don’t know Hebrew, you’ll probably have to skip this site.

Cost: free

User friendly: mostly.  The technology is not as good as jobmaster and jobcity where the site matches jobs to your profile.  In this site you have to do a search.

Overall rating: 6

5) Alljobs ( ):  Once upon a time, I would have sung the praises of alljobs, what used to be Israel #1 site for finding a job.  Now the site has turned into a labarynth of traps and links trying to get you to buy a subscription that costs more than any other site.  If you’re going to pay, great, but if not, don’t waste your time

Language:  Hebrew

Cost: ₪ 44 a month

User friendly: if you pay, great.  If not, no

Overall rating: 2

6)  Portal Drushim ( A decent job search site.  The site doesn’t match jobs to your profile, but it is very easy to use and moves very quickly.

Language:  Hebrew

Cost: free

User friendly: not as great as some others, but still very good

Overall rating: 5

7)  Janglo (  While Janglo is not typically a job hunting site, it is a great place to find a job.  The jobs listed here are from Olim posing a job for their company or small business, not large companies or manpower groups.  Unlike the other sites, you should probably send a cover letter of personal e-mail when applying for a job via Janglo.  In short, Janglo is a great resource, but should be complemented by at least one of the sites above:

Language:  Hebrew

Cost: free

User friendly: more like a message board than a typical job hunting site

Overall rating: 5

What sites do you use for job hunting?  What do you suggest?

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