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the best time to buy

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Sometimes getting the best deal isn’t just about where you go, but when you go as well.  Once a year, puts together a list of the best time of the year to buy everything.

I think most of the items in this article apply here as well.

What items do you think have a different best time to buy in Israel?


  1. Tally says:

    But why? Why is it a good time to buy, say, aluminum foil in November (and who buys aluminum foil once a year in bulk, anyway)?

    • jonnydegani says:

      Hi Tally and welcome. The article documents its sources in the third paragraph, although I have not personally gone through them, so I can’t verify the statistics personally. My guess about the aluminum foil is that kitchen supplies are on sale around the holidays (Thanksgiving and then Christmas), which would mean that in Israel this would be around Pesach and Rosh HaShanah.
      I agree with you about your second point; aluminum foil is not one of those things I buy in bulk.

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