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Other Financial and Economic Topics

Current Events, Economics & Game Theory


  1. 2014 Israeli Tax Calculator
  2. Freelancing in Israel: Oved Atzmai vs Billing Company
  3. Getting your 40 quarters – social security in Israel


  1. avoiding bank fees
  2. Mortgage Brokers in Israel: Paying More to Save More
  3. choosing a bank in Israel
  4. some of the benefits of the Israeli financial system
  5. Israeli Investing 101

General Home Finance

  1. components of a financial plan
  2. baby steps – Dave Ramsey the Israeli way
  3. baby steps revisited
  4. how to make a home finance file


  1. tradeoffs
  2. making ends meet – the art of reverse budgeting
  3. how to make a budget
  4. working for God Inc


  1. 7 tips for foodshopping in Israel
  2. How to pay LESS for your purchases DESPITE the recent increase in VAT
  3. don’t let the layout rip you off…
  4. when a deal is a deal and when it isn’t
  5. what are you really paying for?
  6. the magic number system
  7. where should you do your foodshopping?
  8. 5 things you can do BEFORE you foodshop in order to save money
  9. how I paid over ₪ 3,000 for a simple cell phone
  10. preparing for snacks
  11. gaining perspective, the rule of three
  12. watch out for deceitful marketing
  13. take your kids foodshopping
  14. eye level
  15. chickening out – buying culinary luxuries
  16. when do you prefer used?
  17. coupons in Israel
  18. yad2 – another man’s treasure
  19. More than just food: items you can and should buy in the shuk


  1. bargain like an Israeli
  2. don’t renew – reevaluate and renegotiate
  3. that’s not good enough
  4. responsibility by default vs. laziness

 Cutting back other expenses

  1. small vases
  2. 5 ideas to save money NOW
  3. gas or electric?
  4. sweating the small things; sweating the big things

Other Budgeting topics

  1. why I hate FXCM (and all Forex dealers for that matter)
  2. the overindulgence you may need
  3. my best and worst financial decisions


Finding a Job

Finding a job in Israel was by far the most difficult part of my making aliyah.  The series below is designed to help you learn about the Israeli job market and help you take the necessary steps to find a job.

  1. a guide to jobsearching in Israel – part 1: cold and warm
  2. a guide to jobsearching in Israel – part 2: sharpening skills and expanding horizons
  3. a guide to jobsearching in Israel – part 3 – heating up the job search and the interview
  4. Women in the Israeli job market
  5. making extra money
  6. the truth about your resume
  7. 7 Israeli job search sites
  8. job interviews – what really makes a difference
  9. workers with no rights
  10. Freelancing in Israel: Oved Atzmai vs Billing Company
  11. Find a job in Israel using
  12. Dealing with discrimination

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