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Other Topics


  1. … just paying the rent
  2. the housing bubble
  3. homes and exports – walking a tightrope
  4. no one can afford to buy a house; the demand is pushing prices too high!
  5. Housing Solutions Part 1: Students
  6. why Bibi is right (and why government bureaucracy is wrong)
  7. Housing Solutions Part 2: Young Couples and Families
  8. Gone with Your Home
  9. Buy Later, Not Now
  10. fighting financial dictatorship


  1. paying for cabs
  2. what bus companies can teach us
  3. slowing down Israel’s drivers
  4. the commute
  5. what about busses?


  1. does kosher produce cost more?
  2. koshernomics


  1. ER economics 101
  2. the economics of blood
  3. Chuck vs the hospital
  4. tournament theory and the medical solution

Other Israeli Topics

  1. How to pay LESS for your purchases DESPITE the recent increase in VAT
  2. responsibility by default vs. laziness
  3. tipping in Israel
  4. you say “tomato” I say, “really?! where?!”
  5. I pay you pay we all pay for Payis
  6. milk and honey, hold the oil
  7. words, words, words
  8. making America’s mistake
  9. fighting financial dictatorship
  10. Contract workers: justice for some is not justice for all

Other Jewish Topics

  1. Game Theory and the Shidduch Crisis
  2. Elul and Austrian Economics
  3. using game theory to avoid overeating during the Holidays


  1. 7 book reviews
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