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No pressure, but your pension is probably the biggest financial decisions of your life.  Your pension accounts for approximately 25% of all the money you make over the course of your life and the lion’s share of your life and disability insurance.

The articles below are designed to explain the pension system, insurance system and everyday investments of the average Israeli in simple English.

The Guide to The Israeli Pension System:

  1. Part 1:  Paying Into your Pension
  2. Part 2:  The 6 Types of Pension Plans
  3. Part 3:  How Your Money is Invested
  4. Part 4:  Risk and Returns
  5. Part 5:  Understanding and Avoiding Fees
  6. Part 6:  The Insurance Element of Your Pension
  7. Part 7:  Overview: How to Choose a Pension Fund

If you have any questions or are looking for help choosing or setting up a pension, please call me at 052-790-6824 or e-mail me at

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