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Pensions, Insurance & Everyday Investments

Your pension accounts for approximately 25% of all the money you make over the course of your life and the lion’s share of your insurance.  Speaking of insurance, do you understand the kind of insurance your have?  Are you unsure if you’re being taken advantage of by your agent but don’t even know what to ask.

The articles below are designed to explain the pension system, insurance system and everyday investments of the average Israeli in simple English.

Note: I am redoing the series (again) in order to give a more exact and thorough overview of the pension system.  The titles below in black are articles I am working on and should be published within the next few months.

If you would like to meet to discuss your pension or hishtalmut, please contact me at or call me at 052-790-6824.

The Guide to The Israeli Pension System:

  1. Part 1:  Paying Into your Pension
  2. Part 2:  The 5 Types of Pension Plans
  3. Part 3:  How Your Money is Invested
  4. Part 4:  Risk and Returns
  5. Part 5:  Understanding and Avoiding Fees
  6. Part 6:  The Insurance Element of Your Pension
  7. Part 7:  Overview: How to Choose a Pension Fund


  1. Life and Disability Insurance
  2. Seudi (long term care) and teunot ishiyot (personal injury) insurance
  3. Health Insurance: Three levels and a multitude of options

Other Pension Topics:

  1. Everything you ever wanted to know about pitzuyim
  2. What Exactly are Kosher funds?

Other Everyday Investments:

  1. How to choose a keren hishtalmut
  2. withdrawing your pension early
  3. Israeli Investing 101
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